Since my name has come up several times I thought I would weigh in and give an account of myself. I was received into ROCOR by Metropolitan Hilarion on this wise: he called me into the Altar (Sanctuary) , told me to vest and then kneel at the Holy Table (Altar). He then placed his omophor and hand on me and read the ordination prayers over me straight through without ceremony. After that I concelebrated the Divine Liturgy. He later told me that he had "corrected my previous ordination". He charged me to look after Fr. Augustine Whitfield and to celebrate the Western (Mt. Royal and Sarum) and Byzantine Liturgies in my house-chapel. He also asked that I help out from time to time in surrounding parishes/missions. Holyrood is a cell of Mt. Royal and is part of the Eastern Diocese directly under the Metropolitan. It is affiliated with the other Western Rite monasteries of ROCOR (Saint Petroc and Christminster). So there you have it.
Asking your prayers,
In Xto,
Fr. David (Pierce)